Why Do You Want to Play Piano?

Giuseppe Zanotti There are different ways why people want to learn to play the piano. For some they took piano lessons because their parents want them to learn to play the instrument. There are some who learned playing as children and afterwards quit just because they lose interest in it. Still others are influenced by musical icons or they wanted to be a performer on TV or musical theaters. No matter what your reason is there are just two categories of playing: professional performer or recreational player. A professional player wants to perform as a solo artist or as part of an orchestra while a recreational player plays for friends or small groups or just for personal hobby or satisfaction.

How Much Practice Time Is Appropriate Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers The amount of time you spend is practicing and the type of lesson and instructor that you find comfortable is also important. Your interest to learn is affected by these factors. The amount of time that you spend practicing is the most important. If you want to play recreationally, then you can practice 10 15 minutes a day or an hour or two a week. That is if you want to learn simple songs like Jack and Jill or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then a 10 15 minute practice is enough. But if you want to become a pro or a concert pianist, then you need to practice for several hours a day with a professional pianist instructor. Choose the right song and a good instructor in order for you to learn fast and enhance your skills.

Do You Learn by Sight or by Ear

This method requires you to learn the piano by simple listening to the sounds and working it out yourself. Most piano lessons teach you to start learning how to read the music. This program will allow you to learn by hearing how a musical piece is played. This can be difficult for some but it really depends on what method will work best for you.


In the end what is important is how you play the piano and the enthusiasm that you put into it.